Tanya In Depth - Practical Spirituality for Everyday Life

Season One Entitled: "Our Spiritual Makeup"

Have you ever wondered what makes human beings tick? Do you want deeper insight into the human condition and our spiritual sub consciousness? Discover your soul on this fascinating journey into the deepest recesses of your psyche. Drawing on ancient wisdom, as redacted in the text of the celebrated and seminal volume of Chassidic and Mystical teaching, “The Tanya”, this weekly class will open horizons and vistas beyond anything you have ever read, studied or imagined.


9 Session Course | Mondays, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Begins February 24th (No class on April 14 or 21 )
At 20550 Saunders Road, Riverwoods 
Tuition: $100
Payment plans and scholarships are available

9 Session Course | Tuesdays, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Begins February 24th (No class on April 15 or 22 )
At 2935 W. Devon Ave. Chicago, IL 60659
Tuition: $100 Payment plans and scholarships are available

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Questions & Answers about

Tanya in Depth


Q. What does the course cover?

A. Tanya in Depth  utilizes Kabbalah-based tools to help you understand your inner complexity and emotions: why you can feel warm and nurturing one moment, and self-centered and aggressive the next. The Tanya is a revolutionary eighteenth-century book that made the previously esoteric teachings of Kabbalah practical, relevant, and accessible.


Q. How long is the course?

A. Tanya in Depth season one  is an 8-week course of 90 minutes each time. You are not required to attend every session (although we recommend it). We understand that you have a busy and productive life. Course begins on February 24, 2014,

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The cost is only $100, and that includes all 8 sessions. You will also receive a beautiful Tanya with English translation, as well as relevant articles and handouts at no extra cost. And you have a 100% money back guarantee.

However, the first session is absolutely free. And remember: there is absolutely no commitment or obligation to continue.

Q. Where is the course held?
A. The same course takes place at  2 locations, on Mondays at 20550 Saunders Road, in Riverwoods and on Tuesdays at 2935 W. Devon Ave, in Chicago. 

Q. I’m interested. What should I do now?

A. Submit this form securely or call our office at 773-274-5123