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Shavuos, May 23, 2015   l  9:00 PM 

Shavous is when we celebrate the receiving of the Torah at Mt Sinai. It marks the time we became the Jewish people and entered into a relationship with G‑d.

Join other young Jews  this Shavuos,  Saturday night, May 23rd  for a stimulating ALL NIGHTER with dinner, learning, and socializing.

9:00 pm Evening prayer to usher in the Holiday.
Followed by  candle lighting, Kiddush and a Gourmet Shavuos dinner.

12:00 am Accept the Torah or be buried under the Mountain. What happened to Free choice?
With Rabbi Moshe Miller

Rabbi Miller has published hundreds of thought provoking articles and some twenty books including his widely acclaimed translation of the Zohar.

1:00 am From 10 commandments to 10,000 laws; The evolution of the Oral Torah
With Rabbi Levi Notik
Rabbi Notik is the Rabbi and Director at FREE of Chicago and regularly delivers lectures and classes throughout Chicago and Suburbs.

2:00 am The Rambam’s book of knowledge- Sefer Hamada. A fascinating behind-the-scenes look with guest speaker Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz.

Rabbi Moscowitz is the author of many works including Sefer HaMavo- a comprehensive introduction to the life and works of the Rambam.

3:00 am Got a question about Judaism? The floor is yours at the Q & A session with Rabbi Moshe Miller



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