Refugee and Immigrant Aid, Social and Humanitarian services

Assistance Locating Homes and Apartments:
FREE helps Eastern European immigrants decipher advertisements for rentals and homes, and assists with the myriad of arrangements necessary for a successful move.

Job Placement:
Helping newly arrived immigrants find employment; draft resumes; transportation to interviews and initial days at work. Click here for assistance.

Distribution of Used Clothing and Furniture:
FREE has established a used clothing and furniture clearinghouse. Thousands of families have taken advantage of the clearinghouse to help cloth their children & families and furnish their new surroundings. Click here for assistance.

English Classes:
F.R.E.E. offers classes in the English language designed to empower Eastern European immigrants to navigate and succeed in their new surroundings. Click here for assistance.

For more information about FREE’s immigrant aid and humanitarian services, or to make a tax-deductible donation please click here